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Social Media Marketing

We at Dignity Digital India can facilitate everything from the setup of your platforms, to the posting and commenting and advertising on your page(s). Based at Patna have a team who can network and generate leads via Social Media Marketing, whilst creating and posting unique contents and regular optimization of the content in the most relevant social groups. We generate results via campaigns and a positive ROI via Facebook Ads , Google+ Ads & YouTube video campaign to make you a business champion at Patna and rest of India.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Social media platform setup
  • Advertising - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ Ads
  • Engagement, creative posts, content scheduling, group networking
  • Campaign creation and advertising
  • Content creation and management
  • PR and press releases
  • LinkedIn or Facebook Training: Individual or Group
  • Facebook app creation

Targeting a city and near by placesTargeting whole state and nearby places
Ta rgeting whole County East to West
Targeting potential customers only
Targeting potential & related customers only
Targeting all prospective customers
Facebook Fan Page Set Up Facebook Fan Page Set UpFacebook  Fan Page Set Up
Paid facebook adverising
 Heavy paid facebook advertising
Abundant paid facebook advertising
×Pinterest Account Setup Pinterest Account Setup
Pinterest Account Setup
Google + Account Setup  Google+ Account Setup
Google+ Account Setup
×Google+ advertising
×Google+ advertising Paid Google+ advertising
Twitter Account SetupTwitter Account Setup
Twitter Account Setup
Youtube teaser (1 video)
YouTube teaser ( 5 videos)
YouTube campaign (Dedicated channel)
×Youtube advertising
×YouTube advertising
Paid YouTube advertising basic
Enhancing likes & visiblity Enhancing likes & visiblity Enhancing likes & visiblity
Regular post & optimization(30 updates p.m)
Regular post & optimization(45 updates p.m)Regular post & optimization(90 updates p.m)
20000 reach and brand awareness guaranteed
45000 reach and brand awareness guaranteed 1 lac reaching & brand awareness guaranteed